Stationary Concrete Pump BN 70D


  • high pressure on concrete mix – 11 MPa
  • capacity – 70 cbm/h

Stationary high-pressure concrete pump is effectively used at construction sites with a large volume of concrete works: construction of high-rise buildings and facilities, monolithic construction.

The main drive system is a closed loop direct hydraulic drive system. High pressure enables to efficiently deliver concrete mix over long distances – horizontally to 600 m, vertically up to 130 m.

The basic systems of the stationary concrete pump BN-70D responsible for reliability and stability of the working cycle are equipped with imported components:

  • independent diesel engine D-260 (Minsk) or an engine DEUTZ (Germany) made to order;
  • the main hydraulic pump unit by Bosch Rexroth (Germany);
  • hydraulic accumulators (Czech Republic);
  • items of hydraulics and electrical equipment (Italy).

The loading hopper is equipped with a mixing device.



Technical capacity (maximum) at the outlet of the concrete distributor, m³/h


Drive type

Mechanical-hydraulic from the diesel engine D-260 or DEUTZ

Flowability of pumped concrete mix (cone slump), cm


Installed power, kW, no more than


Diameter (internal) of the concrete pipe, mm


Load height, mm


Capacity of the hopper, cubic meters


Structural weight, kg


Pressure (maximum) on concrete mix developed by the concrete piston at the outlet of the distributor, MPa


Maximum aggregate size, mm


Overall dimensions, mm

6200 х 2300 х 1930

* Concrete mix is fed through the straight concrete delivery pipe depending on its flowability over the following distances: over 300...600 m horizontally, over 80...130 m vertically.

1 - percentage of coarse aggregate fractions is not more than 10%