Stationary Concrete Pumps

Stationary concrete pumps are designed to receive freshly-mixed concrete from special-purpose concrete trucks and to convey concrete through a concrete pipe to the point of placement both horizontally and vertically.

They are used for construction of mass concrete and reinforced concrete buildings and facilities.

Our customers can choose from two lines of electrically-driven or diesel-powered stationary concrete pumps with a capacity of 20 and 70 cbm/h.

Stationary concrete pumps are not vehicles; they are moved only within the construction site.

Flaps lids give a free access to all systems of the concrete pump for maintenance and repair.

Stationary concrete pumps are equipped with a standard set of concrete pipes:

  • sections of the concrete pipe 2600 mm long (total length is 125 meters) with couplings – 48 pcs.
  • elbow 900 – 5 pcs.
  • end flexible hose length 4 m – 1 piece

They are operated in conditions of moderate climate at temperatures ranging from -50 С to +400 С.