Autoconcrete Pumps

Concrete pumpers are designed to receive fresh concrete mix from special-purpose concrete carriers and convey concrete to the job horizontally and vertically.

Truck-mounted concrete pumps are widely used in the sphere of concrete laying: when constructing high-rise buildings and facilities of continuous concrete, bridges, shafts, etc. Mobile concrete pumps efficiently work in tandem with inclined-axis mixers. The production of autoconcrete pumps was launched in 1980.

The metal construction of the Russian concrete pumpers was designed by analogy with truck-mounted concrete pumps made by the leading European manufacturers. Cardinal changes recently made in design and technology of mobile concrete pump production ensured a new level of quality, reliability and technical capabilities. To date, autoconcrete pumps bearing the TZA/KAMAZ trademark are concrete pumpers of the new generation. In terms of performance, they successfully compete with foreign analogs.

The basic principles of truck-mounted concrete pump production:

  • reliability
  • quality
  • adjustable and accessible for servicing equipment
  • safety
  • constant design and system development

Today’s lineup includes mobile concrete pumps with booms featuring a concrete mix pumping head of 21, 32, 37, 42 and 47 meters. The technological equipment is mounted on up-to-date models of KAMAZ chassis with an appropriate capacity. It can be mounted on imported chassis too.

Autoconcrete pumps are controlled with the help of a remote radio control or an auxiliary remote control console with a cable 50 meters long.

Concrete pumpers are successfully operated in any climatic conditions at temperatures ranging from -50 C to + 400 С. Additional options are applied for operation at lower temperatures down to -200 С.

Truck-mounted concrete pumps feature easy maneuverability which enables them to easily move in confined spaces of construction sites and urban developments.

Design features of mobile concrete pumps:

  • Concrete is fed by multisectional concrete placement booms of different lengths or through a stationary concrete pipe to a height of 80-90 meters. Booms are made of domestic and imported steels of the Domex type (Sweden) which can withstand heavy loads and ensure design safety of the boom. Booms by WAITZINGER (Germany) are used for autoconcrete pumps with a concrete pumping head of 37 meters or higher.
  • Concrete pumpers are equipped with a station for emergency boom folding.
  • Truck-mounted concrete pumps are hydraulically driven. Power is taken off the base chassis engine through a PTO.
  • A mixing device located in the hopper ensures an optimum flow of concrete to cylinders and preserves properties of concrete mix throughout the entire operational cycle.
  • The main systems of mobile concrete pumps (hydraulic, electrical, pumping systems) are made of components by the leading European manufacturers from Germany, Italy, Spain.

Concrete mix is fed by a cylinder-piston group the main components of which are:

  • hydraulic rams
  • a concrete delivery bush sleeve
  • an S-shaped distributor (gate)
  • hopper units are lubricated by a standard centralized automatic lubrication system Lincoln Quicklub (Germany)