Concrete Pump-Mixer

A concrete pump-mixer is an all-purpose machine effectively combining several functions: transportation and conveyance of concrete mix to the point of placement at the construction site to the required height and length, operation in the modes of a concrete pump and a concrete mixer. Concrete mix is fed through a distribution boom or through a stationary pumpcrete pipe. 

The concrete pump-mixer is used for cast-in-place and reinforced concrete construction. The truck is equipped with a mixing drum with a capacity of 8 m3, a pumping assembly with a pumping rate of 50 m3/h and a boom 29 meters long. The process equipment is mounted on a KAMAZ-65201 chassis meeting the Euro 3 emission standard.


  • Multifunctionality. One truck is used instead of two ones, which significantly reduces costs.
  • The truck is controlled by one operator.
  • A compact design enables to use the truck in confined spaces.
  • High profitability when working on small projects.
  • A capability to receive and pump concrete mix not only from the mixer of the truck, but also from other concrete mixers.

Technical features of ABNS-29

The concrete pump-mixer was designed with the help of three-dimensional computer modeling. Each unit was thoroughly designed to ensure road stability, safety and operational reliability. The truck has a compact package of the basic units for the best load distribution.

Concrete placement boom

Concrete is fed and placed with the use of a special boom made by the European company. This model uses the distribution boom of the Z type which is ideal for operation in confined spaces. Rationally arranged boom sections on the mixer ensure stability and safety of the mixer when running under load.

Convenient and compact outriggers are equipped with locks to ensure a stable position of the truck during operation.


The mechanisms are driven by a chassis engine through a power takeoff to ensure high performance and multifunctionality. The hydraulic system of the concrete mixer is closed-loop. The hydraulic system is fail-safe due to its hydrocomponents made by the leading European companies from Italy and Germany.

Pumping unit

A concrete pumping group of a compact design by COIME (Italy) ensures smooth and continuous feeding of concrete mix. It is equipped with wear-resistant concrete feed cylinders 200 mm in diameter with pistons with a stroke of 1000 mm, a reliable S-shaped concrete spreader and a concrete activator in a funnel with a reversible hydraulic motor. This is the best technological solution for pumping of concrete of various consistencies.

The pumping group is equipped with an automatic system lubricating the pump pistons, and also has got special lubrication points conveniently located for maintenance.

The grid of an intake funnel is equipped with a vibrator, so concrete easily runs.

Concrete mixer

The design of a mixing drum with a useful capacity of 8 m3 is seamlessly integrated with the distribution boom.

The mixing drum and a blading are made from wear-resistant steels. The blades are supplied with extra wear protection.

A hydraulic drive system is equipped with reliable hydrocomponents: an epicyclic gear (Italy), a suction filter (Italy), a high-performance oil cooler by HYDAC (Germany) with elements automatically maintaining the temperature of the hydraulic system. The components of a handling system guarantee high performance and smooth operation. The discharge tray is equipped with an additional folding tray, which greatly increases the length of the tray and lightens the work of the operator. A cutter on the discharge tray helps to dose small portions and prevents leakage of residual concrete.


The concrete pump is controlled by one operator with the help of a proportional radio control; there is also an auxiliary remote control with a cable by the leading European producers from Spain and Italy.

The standard operation temperature is from –20 °C to +40 °C. When the concrete pump is activated, the multipurpose truck should be operated at the temperature from –5 °C to +40 °C.


Characteristic Value

Technical capacity (max) at the outlet of the distributor, m3/h, not less than




Concrete Pump

Installed power, kW


Concrete mix pressure (max) developed by the concrete piston at the outlet of the distributor, MPa


Maximum height of concrete mix distribution from the ground level, m


Boom length, m


Maximum horizontal rotation angle, degrees


Quantity of boom sections


Type of boom unfolding


Maximum height of unfolding, m


Volume of the feed hopper, m3


Load height, mm


Internal diameter of the pumpcrete pipe, mm


Concrete Mixer

Useful capacity of the mixing drum, m3


Geometrical volume of the mixing drum, m3


Water tank capacity, l


Weight, kg:
- technological equipment 12 150
- total 41 050
Distribution of loads from the total weight of the concrete pump, kg:
- on the front axles 15 000
- on the rear bogie 26 050

Basic chassis


Overall dimensions (length x width x height), mm

10100 х 2500 х 4000