Concrete Mixers on KAMAZ Chassis

Concrete mixers are designed to deliver mixed concrete to customers maintaining its properties on the route and during unloading to the place of concrete laying or into concrete carriers, as well as preparation of concrete mix of dry ingredients at the construction site.

The company has always been upgrading and improving concrete mixers in order to enhance their performance.

The line-up of concrete mixers numbers over 15 different models with a useful capacity from 6 to 12 cbm on up-to-date KAMAZ chassis complying with the Euro 3 (or Euro 4) environmental standard, as well as MAZ, Ural, Ford chassis. From a wide model range a customer can choose the best vehicle for project implementation.

Concrete mixer trucks are easily controlled by one operator.

They are operated under any climatic conditions at temperatures from –20С to + 400 С.

Option: against individual orders, we make a specially designed "winter" version of the process equipment (a mixing drum and a water tank) with thermal insulation of modern materials with high thermal insulation properties which surely protect concrete mixture at low temperatures to – 40С.

Technical characteristics of concrete mixers:

All models of concrete mixers are powered by a hydraulic drive with power takeoff from a self-contained motor (A) or from a chassis engine (K).





The hydraulic system is equipped with reliable hydraulic components from the leading European manufacturers:

  • an epicyclic gear with a high torque backup (Italy);
  • an oil cooler with a built-in electric ventilator and an oil filter (Italy);
  • a driveshaft by GKN Company (Germany);
  • an elastic hydraulic pump drive clutch/damper by Centa Company (Germany).


The system of the self-propelled drive uses reliable diesel engines: D-242 D-243 D-245 (Minsk, Belarus), Hatz, Deutz (Germany).

Option: An electrically controlled hydrostatic transmission system GST-90 by BOSCH Company (Germany)


  1. Maintenance of a given rotary speed of the mixing drum regardless of a variable rotary speed of the chassis engine crankshaft.
  2. A capability to control the rotary speed of the mixing drum from the driver’s cab both when standing and driving.
  3. A capability to stop and resume gyration of the speed mixing drum from the driver’s cab both when standing and driving.
  4. Smooth regulation of the rotary speed of the mixing drum.
  5. The leading European manufacturers of trucks equip their concrete mixers with such control systems.

Dear customers, please send us your comments, ideas and suggestions and inform us if you find this option important and necessary. 

You can control parameters of the self-contained engine and prevent a strap from breaking with the help of a modern remote control made by Russian or European producers. 
The mixing drum and its elements are made of wear-resistant alloyed steels. The material is thicker in the spots of the worst wear.

Feedwater system. Concrete mixer trucks are equipped with water tanks with a capacity of 600, 800 liters. The water tank is equipped with a calibrated scale for precise dosing of water discharge.

Water can be heated with exhaust gases from the chassis engine or the self-contained engine, which prevents water from freezing in the winter. You can quickly detach the water tank from the exhaust (in summer).

Option: a new solution – heating of the water tank with a thermomat (from the chassis network (24V))

The standard version features wings combined with mud flaps made of aluminum and plastic. 
The discharge tray is equipped with a folding tray, which greatly increases the length of the tray. You can optionally attach up to two sections of the trays. A cutter mounted on the discharge tray enables to dose small portions and prevents leakage of residual concrete. 
The control unit that helps you change the speed and rotational direction of the drum is conveniently located at the tail support area.  
Protective aprons installed between the sidemembers prevent the mixing drum from dirt when running at a construction site or down the streets.