Self-Contained Concrete Placement Boom SABR-1

It is designed for quick-action and efficient concrete feed to wall and ceiling forms during the construction of high-rise buildings, bridges, and at sites where long-range vertical conveying is necessary.

The self-contained concreting boom operates together with autoconcrete pumps or stationary concrete pumps with high performance (BN-70D) creating an ideal system for application of concrete mixture.

At the initial stage of construction, the self-contained boom with a supporting column is used for concrete casting of a bed plate and ground floors. Then, the boom is lifted by means of a hydraulic hoisting device through frame or shaft floors. At sites with large pours the boom can be quickly remounted from one support column to the other.

Design features of SABR-1:

  • depending on the construction needs, the boom can be mounted on supporting columns 6 m, 10 m long or up to 16 meters long when they are combined. The supporting columns can be installed quickly and easily with the help of bolts
  • a hydraulic device lifts the boom
  • the boom is equipped with concrete pipes which "grow" with the boom
  • a convenient and secure access to the operating platform is ensured by a ladder located on the supporting columns
  • the boom equipped with imported hydraulic elements is hydraulically driven
  • the functions of the boom and the lifting device are controlled by means of a cable remote control

Advantages of the SABR-1 boom:

  • increases the distance of concrete mix distribution
  • increases the height according to the growth of buildings
  • ease of transportation and installation
  • better performance

The self-contained boom is operated in any climatic conditions at temperatures ranging from -50 С to +40С.



Capacity (maximum) at the outlet of the concrete distributor with concrete mix flowability6-12 cm and aggregate size under 50 mm, m3/h


Power consumption of the hydraulic unit motor, KW


Diameter (internal) of the concrete pipe, wall thickness (minimum), mm

125 х 4

Maximum height of concrete mix feeding by complete assembly from the ground level, m


Maximum height of concrete mix feeding when the column is installed on the floor deck of the building from the ground level (without a heel), m


Boom reach, m


Maximum allowable pressure of concrete mix on walls of the concrete delivery pipe, MPa


Height of the main column, m


Height of the additional column, m


Boom drive


Oil-pumping station drive

Electric 380 V

Boom angle, degrees:
- in a vertical plane, degrees 90
- in a horizontal plane, degrees 355

Total constructive weight, kg


Overall dimensions (when installed on the heel and with the folded boom section), mm

10000 х 2600 х 20000