Cultivator KPO-6

This is one of the best towed aggregates designed for tillage on the fields. In one pass, the cultivator performs several operations: efficiently grinds and mixes plant residues, weeds out, cultivates, packs and smoothes the soil, makes a seed bed.

The KPO-6 cultivator is equipped with high-strength center hoes on spring-actuated bearings by LA PINA (Spain) which makes it easy to overcome all obstacles on the field (rocks, roughness). The design of the “crow’s wing” hoe with an average lifting angle ensures perfect mixing of soil and maintenance of plant residues. The ends of the wings are cut off preventing the soil from throwing on the sides. The hoes ensure efficient soil cultivation. A precisely centered hole for a bolt guarantees reliable junction of the center hoe with the post and a longer life-span. Flexible springs enhance reliability of hoes during operation and extend their life. The depth of soil cultivation is regulated hydraulically.

The cultivator efficiently and surely performs technological operations, which is proved by field tests and expertise.  

The company organized a service center to ensure undisturbed operation of equipment in the field. There is also a mobile crew ready to help.

The KPO-6 cultivator is unitized with tractors of Class 3 (T-150, T-4). It is operated from the tractor’s cab by one machine operator. The cultivator is very well designed for transportation on roads – it is equipped with retro-reflectors, the sections of the cultivator easily fold up into a compact structure.

The KPO-6 cultivator was exhibited in 2009 at the largest specialized exhibition in Moscow, "Golden Autumn-2009", and won a bronze medal there.



Capacity per 1 hour, ha


Capacity per 1 hour of operating time, ha


Operating traverse speed during the basic operations, km/h


Structural grasp width, m


Operating time use factor


Process reliability factor


Core indicators of process quality:
- Cutting of weeds, % 100
- Operating depth, cm 6…12
- Soil pulverization, % 75
- With the soil packing device 80
- Ridgeness of the field after a pass, cm 3

Quantity of operative parts, items


Weight, kg


Overall dimensions, mm:
- in working position 6300 х 6030 х 1380
- in transport condition 6300 х 3600 х 2950