«TZA» PTC is a modern high-tech enterprise which carries out the whole production cycle from development of design documents to assembly and testing of ready-made products.

The total area of the plant is more than 40 ha. The production floor space is over 80 thousand square meters.

The enterprise structure includes production shops and auxiliary departments: blank preparation-and-welding, machine, assembly-and-finishing, hydraulic cylinder production, drive production, tool, maintenance shops, and also a press-shop and a casting floor. Besides, the enterprise has got its own shop for prototype and small batch production where trial models are made and production technologies are perfected.

The extremely competitive market of construction equipment requires constant improvement of products and their quality. The enterprise advances technologically solving problems of its strategic development, launching and expanding production programs, upgrading its products. The managers of the enterprise make solid investments in modernization and technical re-equipment of production to achieve these goals.

To date, the enterprise boasts its state-of-the-art welding technologies and high-performance welding equipment made by ESAB, Sweden, which ensures high quality of weldments. True shape component nesting is secured by up-to-date thermal cutting NC equipment “Crystal”. Blank preparation-and-welding and machining production shops are equipped with tools and machines made by the best machine-tool plants of Russia and Europe (Italy, Germany).

The plant introduces new painting technologies and plans to reconstruct its painting line.

The employees of «TZA» PTC combine their expertise, skills and energy to create competitive products.