Tuimazy Autoconcrete Pumps as New Solution


At the end of 2010, OAO Tuimazinskiy Zavod Avtobetonovozov launched the serial production of autoconcrete pumps of the TZA-WAITZINGER series developed jointly with WAITZINGER Baumaschinen GmbH (Germany). The technological equipment of the WAITZINGER concrete pump is adapted for operation in the Russian environment and is mounted on a Russian KAMAZ chassis.

The model range of the updated series includes autoconcrete pumps with booms 37, 42 and 47 meters long. The series will be expanded with account taken of customer demand.

Autoconcrete pumps of the new series are designed for reliable and continuous operation even under unfavorable conditions and under full load.

A concrete-pumping group features a highly efficient concrete mixture suction and pumping capacity (160 m3/h), as well as smooth and continuous concrete mix feeding.

A wear-resistant S-valve with a big turn of the outlet enables to run a large amount of concrete with minimum losses under full load. A separated piston group reduces tear and wear. Ultra strong chromium-plated hydraulic cylinders can stand a large number of operating cycles. It is possible to control the operation of hydraulic cylinders. Units are greased by a LINCOLN centralized lubrication system.

A receiver with an optimum shape and a mixer prevent stagnant zones and ensure maximum efficiency during concrete mix feeding. They are easy to clean. A grid of a hopper with a vibrator features a safe shutdown function.

All hydraulic systems are equipped with reliable hydraulic components made by Bosch Rexroth Hydromatik (Germany).

The distribution booms made of high-strength steels are stable and safe in operation, they withstand heavy loads.

Special attention should be paid to a system of beams. An operator can chose among different types of outriggers: a standard ST-system providing excellent stability or unique systems of the XXT, XXH types which can be deployed in the narrowest working spaces and even when not all outriggers are laid out! It is also possible to carry out work right from a cab.

Autoconcrete pumps are easily controlled with the help of a proportional radio control and a remote control. An operator can also manually control a pumping group and a distributor mast.

Besides, the company renders first-class services: round-the-clock technical support, a mobile technical assistance “emergency team” with necessary diagnostic equipment and tools, a required stock of spare parts.

Autoconcrete pumps42 and 47 meters long proved to be reliable, high-quality and endurable, operating under severe conditions of Siberia (Tyumen) and the Far East (Magadan).

Autoconcrete pumps of the series TZA-WAITZINGER – ABN-37 (58153S) mounted on a KAMAZ-6540 chassis with a boom 37 meters long were presented to the public for the first time in late May at the 12th International Specialized Show "CTT-2011" in Moscow. Experts showed their great interest in the exhibited model there. Besides perfect technical characteristics, the price of the exhibit was also attractive. After the exhibition, the autoconcrete pump was delivered to the Republic of Kazakhstan.